About Us

Welcome to DigicS

Who Are We

We are a software engineering company focused on designing and implementing the solution that would fit customer requirements in the best possible way.

Our Mission

Our mission is offering customers the right solution for their requirements with the right technology and principles for the job.

What We Do

Our process



Research the domain of the project to understand the task.



Analyse the challange and customer requirements to prepare a basis for the design.



Design and engineer the solution for the challange using modern concepts that fit the best. Keeping in mind all aspects of IT solutions like: security,  usability, performance, monitoring, scalability and maintenance.



Develop the design with highly experienced engineers using an agile process to bring smoothly a high quality product to market.



Deploy the product on cloud infastructure in a highly available and scalable manner and implement monitoring to keep the service running at all times.


Deliver & Maintain

After delivery we offer maintenance services for the solution and the infrastructure it is deployed on.

Why Choose Us?

Our employees are highly professional senior engineers and designers with more then 10 years of experience in the field.

We design and develop our solutions for a best fit with the customer’s requirements.

Our support team will assist you promptly with requests, problems and challenges you face with quick resolutions.

Some Numbers

Some numbers from our work

Satisfied Clients
Projects Completed
24 M+
Lines of Code

Our rockstar team members

Looking for a team of experienced engineers?

Dejan Sakelšak

Dejan Sakelšak

CEO & Senior software engineer

Dejan, the CEO, is our team “manager”, always tries to keep good people together and on the same page. He specializes in Java software engineering, DevOps and cloud oriented tasks. He has over 15 years of experience in software engineering in Europe and US.

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Gašper Vrhovšek

Gašper Vrhovšek

Senior software engineer

Gašper is a really thorough Java engineer, with deep attention to detail. He also tackles Android app development. He has more than 10 years of experience in software engineering. Gašper worked on blockchain, IoT projects, banking and advertising projects.

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Martin Polanič

Martin Polanič

Senior software engineer

Martin is primarily a front end Java engineer (these days mostly for Android), although he has recently dabbled on the back end. He is currently practicing new technologies such as the Flutter framework and Dart programming language. He has a few decades of software and web development experience, working on a variety of projects ranging from consumer to business solutions.

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Nejc Tomažič

Nejc Tomažič

Senior software engineer

Nejc is primarily a Java backend engineer, with working experience on several highly available concurrent distributed systems used in insurances, sports betting and advertising. Conquering a new framework or system integration with third party APIs is always a welcome challenge.

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