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Layer was a messaging platform with the focus on conversational commerce.

The conversational commerce product featured a Server API, Client API, mobile SDKs for iOS and Android, a web SDK and an XDK (eXperience DK) for very quick time-to-market with all frontend components ready or production (available for iOS, Android and web).

Layer was used by many known companies like Staples, Web Summit, PayTM and Trunk Club.


The task at hand

Our task was to maintain and implement new features on it. We worked on the search, message editing and interactive messages.

Message editing and interactive messages brought  the possibility to implement interactive cards that were displayed in the chat. For example calendar integrations, maps or payment processes could be offered to the customer to close a sale.

Search was an especially challenging feature due to the scale of the data. Elasticsearch percolators made it possible to notify clients when some new data was available in their search.


All the implemented features were implemented as papers first and open for review by the engineering teams. The biggest focus was on scalability and data safety.

Data had to be processed in parallel by different services, we had to take care of the ordering of events and storing data into the database only when needed.